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Laptop needs proper cooling

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Do you like to use your laptop on your knee?  If so, the laptop is likely not getting proper ventilation. This can lead to expensive hardware problems and even serious health problems.

Just imagine that all the equipment of a desktop PC is packed into the tiny space of a laptop body.  Components like main processor CPU, graphic card GPU and hard disk is generating heat.  The difference between desktop and laptop is space and amount of cool air provided to major components. A laptop generally has an air intake on its underside.  So air is sucked in and blown out the back or side of the laptop.

The harder the laptop is working, the more heat will be generated by the CPU.  If you use you laptop on your knee, or on a bed, there is a high chance that you are blocking the air intake underneath the laptop preventing the system to cool down.  To prevent internal components being damaged it will shut itself down. Overheating also occurs laptop radiator ribs are blocked by compacted dust. You can’t leave it unattended and will need to take it to a laptop repair shop to have it cleaned out.

To prevent this, there is a simple solution. First keep your laptop in clean environment, give it a clean at least once a year using can of compressed air (do it when laptop is turned off). If you need to use your laptop on your knees or bed get a cooling pad.

Logitech N100 Laptop Cooling Knee Pad with Fan

It doesn’t cost much but can save you a lot of trouble and prevent form expensive laptop repair.

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Written by Cocotec - Laptop Repair & Computer Support Services

November 15, 2010 at 3:39 pm

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