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Laptop needs proper cooling

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Do you like to use your laptop on your knee?  If so, the laptop is likely not getting proper ventilation. This can lead to expensive hardware problems and even serious health problems.

Just imagine that all the equipment of a desktop PC is packed into the tiny space of a laptop body.  Components like main processor CPU, graphic card GPU and hard disk is generating heat.  The difference between desktop and laptop is space and amount of cool air provided to major components. A laptop generally has an air intake on its underside.  So air is sucked in and blown out the back or side of the laptop.

The harder the laptop is working, the more heat will be generated by the CPU.  If you use you laptop on your knee, or on a bed, there is a high chance that you are blocking the air intake underneath the laptop preventing the system to cool down.  To prevent internal components being damaged it will shut itself down. Overheating also occurs laptop radiator ribs are blocked by compacted dust. You can’t leave it unattended and will need to take it to a laptop repair shop to have it cleaned out.

To prevent this, there is a simple solution. First keep your laptop in clean environment, give it a clean at least once a year using can of compressed air (do it when laptop is turned off). If you need to use your laptop on your knees or bed get a cooling pad.

Logitech N100 Laptop Cooling Knee Pad with Fan

It doesn’t cost much but can save you a lot of trouble and prevent form expensive laptop repair.

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November 15, 2010 at 3:39 pm


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When Windows operating system fails to boot in a Normal way but Safe Mode works fine you can use Msconfig tool as an aid to getting the computer working again.

What you need to do is to perform a Clean Boot which is a method of starting Microsoft Windows in Normal Mode (as opposed to Safe Mode) with the minimum of drivers, startup programs and services.

A Clean Boot is one method that can be used in diagnosing Windows startup problems, especially in cases where there is a software conflict or driver problem.

To perform a Clean Boot, we need to run the MSCONFIG utility.
– on Windows XP – Click Start, then click Run.  Type msconfig in the text box then click OK.
– on Windows Vista and Windows 7 – Click Start.  In the text box where is says ‘Search programs and files’ type msconfig and hit Enter.

When MSCONFIG starts up, it will open a new dialog box with several tabs along the top.

Step 1 – Disable non-microsoft Services
Click the Services tab.
Tick checkbox at the bottom of the dialog box labelled ‘Hide all Microsoft services’.
In the list of services, untick all remaining services.

Step 2 – Disable Startup programs
Click the Startup tab.
Untick all the startup programs.

Then click OK and restart the computer.

When the compuer restarts, only the Microsoft services will run.  No 3rd party services or drivers will startup, and no 3rd party startup programs will be launched.

If this process allows the computer to boot without problems, you can go back into MSCONFIG and start an iterative process of re-enabling services and startup programs and retarting the computer, until you find the service or startup item that causes the problem to reoccur.

Once you have identified the problem software, you can take the necessary corrective action to fix or remove it.

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November 15, 2010 at 2:41 pm

Laptop battery usage tips

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Customers often ask about their laptop batteries and how to get the best performance out of them.  A lot of people don’t realise that the laptop battery, much like the battery in any other device, is a consumable item.  After a couple of years it will not hold charge for as long as it used to, or maybe it just won’t charge at all.

There are some myths saying that its best to remove your battery or let it drain to the end then fully charge back again to keep its long life. But it’s only a myth.

First of all battery should be used so forget about removing it. You end up with loosing best laptop function – mobility.

Don’t let it drain completely, as it will only shorten its life.

Don’t keep it plugged with power cord all the time you use it.

Let the battery work, this way you can be sure getting the best out of it.

And one more thing you should keep in mind. Most manufacturers give 1 year warranty on their laptop, but only 6 month on a battery!

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Written by Cocotec - Laptop Repair & Computer Support Services

November 7, 2010 at 3:50 pm

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