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IMAP mail notification not working in Outlook 2010

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I’m using an IMAP account and since I upgraded to Outlook 2010, I no longer get any new mail alerts. I was using that feature in Outlook 2007 or previous. I want it back!!

This is a bug in Outlook 2010 but only if you are working with IMAP account. And there is no fix for that issue at the moment but you can do a workaround.

Until a fix is released, you can create an alert rule as a workaround;

  1. Select the Inbox folder of your IMAP account.
  2. On the Home tab, click on the Rules button and choose Manage Rules & Alerts…
  3. Click on; New Rule…
  4. Select: “Apply rule on messages I receive” and press the Next button.
  5. Verify that no condition is selected and press Next.
  6. A warning will pop-up stating that this rule will apply to all messages. Press “Yes” to indicate that that is correct.
  7. Select one or more of the following actions;
    • play a sound
      at the bottom, click on “a sound” and browse to
      Windows 7 and Windows Vista: C:\Media\Windows Notify.wav
      Windows XP: C:\Media\Windows XP Notify.wav
    • display a specific message in the New Item Alert window
      at the bottom, click on “a specific message” and type your custom message. For instance;
      New IMAP messages
    • display a Desktop Alert
  8. Click Next and then Next again to skip the exceptions dialog.
  9. Specify a name for the rule and press Finish to complete the rule.
  10. If needed move the created rule all the way to the top.

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