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Missing drivers for unknown devices

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After installing and setting up a fresh copy of Windows, more likely you will find that some of the drivers are missing under Device Manager and you see the little yellow exclamation point meaning a driver hasn’t been installed for a device.

The device just shows up as unknown modem, or unknown media device without giving you any hint on what exactly it is.

What you have to do in order to find out which driver you are looking for is to check the properties of the device, find out its vendor id and Google it. In Device Manager, right click on the unknown device and select Properties.  Go to the Detail tab and select Hardware Ids from the drop down list.  The image below shows what you should expect to see.

The Hardware Ids includes a Vendor code and Device code.  In this case, the Vendor code is 8086 and the Device code is 10DE. Simply Right-click on shortest one and paste into Google search box. You will get a search result with sites that should have the right driver for your unknown device.

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November 15, 2010 at 2:50 pm