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Tips: Use your laptop safe in a hot weather

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Over last few weeks we had really nice and hot weather here in Birmingham. It is known fact that laptops get hotter than other computers and they need special care. If you don’t do that you can seriously damage you laptop. There are some makes and models that are more at risk then others (like HP dv2000, dv3000, dv6000, dv9000 series).Some overheated laptop symptoms are slowness, sluggishness or crashing. Most laptops run safely at 50-95 degrees. But do not leave your laptop in over heated cars as it will cause damage. Here are some tips for helping your laptop to keep its cool.

  1. Go Green and keep it cool.
    For usual tasks like browsing internet or word processing switching to energy saving mode is a great idea. It conserve energy and keeps your laptop cool. To change current power saving scheme simply right-click on battery icon on a right-down corner and choose Power Options.
  2. Get a Cooling Pad.
    Most gadgets are useless and brings nothing good for you laptop but Cooling Pad is different. It is a pad that your laptop rests upon and has a fan that cools the bottom of your computer. So if your only computer at home is laptop and you need to work long hours in a hot day – get one. It’s worth its price unless you don’t mind paying big bill for laptop repair.
  3. Turn it off.
    When you are done and you are not using it – turn it off. This should be a common sense given these days to conserve and not waste energy.
  4. To help ventilate your laptop system don’t block places where your laptop vents are located. Make sure vents are clean and free of dust. You can get a can of compressed air and blow some through radiator and fan once in a while(remember to turn it off before doing so).
  5. Stay out of direct sun.
    It’s better to be safe (and cool) than sorry. It’s very easy to make your battery life suffer because they are not heat-friendly. Just few direct sun exposures and don’t get surprised you will need a new one.
  6. Back it up.
    Backup is crucial – you should know that if you value your data. At least it is a good idea to have it in a habit. Or you can keep your important files on an external drive.

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July 20, 2010 at 9:37 am

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